Cosmic Orchid
       curating integrative theatre

Other Work

As a producer of integrative theatre, Cosmic Orchid curates new work that integrates performing and visual arts by developing theatre inspired by art and contemporary culture.  Our focus is to demystify the creative process and highlight the role of inspiration.   In the future, we also hope to commission art inspired by theatre. 

Our core mission is to sponsor projects of underrepresented artists - women, single parents and reemerging artists - those whose journey in life has become an obstacle to their art, instead of a catalyst for it.  Our vision is to foster community engagement by facilitating seniors to reignite their passion for the arts, motivating youth toward interdisciplinary expression and ultimately engaging the community in future performances, as audience members and as artists. 

Our community outreach goal is to provide support to women in the shelter system by using improvisational theatre to guide them through their personal story, promoting healing and empowering themselves toward new beginnings.

The Voire Dire Project is the inaugural production of Cosmic Orchid.  It is an inter-disciplinary project where four theatrical teams (playwright, actors and director) each develop a one-act play inspired by a separate work of visual art.  It culminates in a production of the performances of those plays with a corresponding exhibition of the art that influenced them.


The Hoodie Play is a work inspired by the disparate social and cultural impact of a piece of clothing – a hoodie.  Four characters, each with a defining physical attribute and a different color hoodie, appear isolated from one another.  Subsequent interaction punctures the guise of their seeming differences.  This project is sculpting the development prototype for Voire Dire.

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